No matter how long a stay in Utah, whether you’ve been in Utah for life or just for a quick visit, Parker Wheeler’s new book is a must have, unlocking all of Utah’s secrets. Utah The Secret Is Out reveals Utah as the hidden gem it is. Wheeler explains that with the presence of social media many of Utah’s secrets have been revealed, and his book reveals the known and unknown scenes and insider knowledge. 

In a bite-sized novel filled with pictures and descriptions, Wheeler’s book has restaurants, golf courses, shopping, local shops, outdoor hits, and nightlife. Anything that a newcomer may need is in this book. 

Wheeler is a lifelong resident of Utah, and over the course of his life he has made a mental list of the highlights he thinks others need to see.

Wheeler said that his most recommended thing for people is Mystic Hotsprings, or other hot springs in Utah that people can go to. 

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