It may be a shock to learn that one in five Utah children go home to insufficient or no food every day. USANA, known for developing and providing science-based heath products of the highest quality, is proud to announce USANA Foundation Kids Eat. The mission is to ensure that impoverished children and families reach their fullest potential by providing food and nutrition.

It started when USANA acquired Kids Next Door, and Kids Eat Utah, to form Kids Eat. Doubling efforts mean they are able to distribute over 800 backpacks of food each weekend! At Christmastime, when school breaks are longer, they provide over three thousand bags of food to help kids in need. Thrilled about the opening of their new facility, USANA Foundation president Brian Paul tells us the excitement has spread all the way to Dr. Oz, who will be in town on Thursday, December 19th for the grand opening of the new facility.

Real-life stories such as a child in a Salt Lake school telling their counselor that the family skips dinner, or a girl who was caught stealing food from a local boys and girls club because she was trying to feed her siblings teach us that hungry children are all around us, in ways that may not be obvious, and they need our assistance.

Backpacks are distributed to children directly through the schools that USANA Foundation works closely with, and in a discreet way as to not draw attention to, single out, or embarrass a child.

Looking ahead to the new year, Engagement Manager Michelle Benedict tells us USANA Foundation challenges the community to help reach the goal of providing forty-two thousand bags in 2020. They’re always happy to have volunteers to pack bags whether it’s a company looking for a team building exercise.

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