COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, UTAH- (Good Things Utah) Jess Pugmire and Kate Sargent, founder and business developer of Upper Limit Fuel, shared their pre workout line that was made by women for women. Women owned supplement brands made with women in mind are a must have in a male dominated industry.

Founded in 2020, just before the COVID-19 Pandemic, Pugmire created the pre workout formula. It could not have come at a more perfect time as many women were inside and needed the energy and strength to for workouts. Pugmire also wanted to create a healthy, delicious and efficient formula. Currently, their brand offers pre workout, BCAA and protein powder. Currently their protein powder is whey based but there is a vegan option that will be soon to come. The BCAA and pre workout are fully vegan. “We just [want] women to feel confident in their skin,” said Pugmire. The brand is one of the very few that was created with women in mind.

Sargent joined the business later after having used them in her own fitness journey. “I was an absolute fanatic,” said Sargent. “These products [didn’t] have to compromise on flavor, [high] quality ingredients or the quality of what was in it.”

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