SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs a woman can have. Aubrey Grossen, the founder of ANYA (A New You Again) talked with us about what her program does for women’s and mothers’ mental health.

Aubrey struggled with severe post-partum depression after the birth of three out of her four children. She recalls feeling alone during these times in her life. After her struggles, she decided to create a program to offer other women the support that she couldn’t find.

ANYA is a program found online, where they have contacts with therapists, coaches, and other professionals that anyone can easily connect with. They use the app Marco Polo to cultivate their online community of women, checking in on each other and lifting each other up.

Aubrey suggests the use of five daily non-negotiables in their program. You can easily remember them by the acronym “MOMMY.” The first M is meet with God or any higher power you believe in to help instill greatness inside yourself. O is to find an opportunity for growth, use your trials as a chance to grow. The next M is movement, whether it’s a short walk or a full workout, find some time to move your body. The final M is a moment of stillness, meditation is an extremely powerful tool. Finally, the Y is for yourself, never forget the importance of self-love.

ANYA has a conference coming up on February 24 and 25. The ARISE conference is for women to not only feel uplifted but to give them the opportunity to arise in their journey. Get your tickets on their website and use code “GOODTHINGS” for 20% off your purchase.

It is important to remember post-partum is not always short-term. Women can feel the lasting impacts decades after having their child. A quick check-in with the mothers in your life will always do more help than harm.

Find Aubrey on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for more information.