Salt Lake City, Utah (Good Things Utah) — The Leonardo is fun place for little kids up to full grown adults! One of the coolest spots in downtown Salt Lake City, so immersive and interactive. You could just stay there all day. They are always up to something new.

The Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake City provides visitors with exciting and unique exhibits exploring technology, art, science, and flight, and now offers an interactive weather studio. They are a “new” kind of museum – unique in Utah for their interdisciplinary (Leonardo-like!) approach to exploring the world. Everything is meant to be touched and played with, which is highly encouraged at The Leonardo.

We asked Taylor Smedley with The Leonardo Museum, what is it like to step foot in The Leonardo Museum and he said, “The Leonardo is such a unique place because everything is designed to be interacted with. You have our Art Through Experience, so it feels like you’re inside one of van Gogh’s creations. We have our Flight exhibit, where you can interact with a plane and flight simulators. It’s all about engaging and inspiring people of all ages to come here, have fun, and learn. Just like Leonardo.”

The latest addition to the Flight exhibit is the interactive weather studio! Visit the Flight exhibit’s new interactive weather studio to explore weather and climate in a fun and interactive way. Become your own meteorologist and interact with the green screen technology. With the help of interactive props and displays, visitors get to discover the science and technology of green screens and projectors and explore the effects of weather and flight on our planet.

AFCU Visa cardholders can enjoy the exhibits at the Leonardo Museum at no cost on the first Wednesday of the month, just show your America First Visa at the ticket office! For more information, head over to or @theleonardoslc on social media.

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