Update on Britney Spears’ court hearing and reasons you may not be getting a second date

Good Things Utah
  • On Good Things Utah this morning – An update on Britney Spears’ court hearing reveals that Jamie Spears has been suspended as Britney Spears’ conservator. LA judge, Brenda Penny, shares that the immediate suspension was because of a toxic environment and is in Britney Spears’ best interest. Britney’s attorney, a former federal prosecutor, adding that the reason Jamie filed was to deflect attention from what he has done with her money. Dan Abrams on Good Morning America weighs in, ” Here’s what’s most interesting in court, her attorney did not file to get rid of Jamie Spears, he did.” He wanted them to stay on as a temporary conservator so they would have access to all the funds and paperwork over the last three years. If they would have removed him, they wouldn’t have had access. It was a strategic move that could mean that civil and/or criminal charges could be filed against him for mishandling funds. As for Britney, she is back on social media and is elated about this news.
  • On that note, a parasocial relationship is defined as “the illusion of friendship” with a public person you don’t know. Experts say the term is a little more blurry because of social media. Fans keep up with their favorite celebrities’ real-life persona and take things personally when things happen to that person. Social media increases access to these people and makes fans think they have a real relationship with them. For instance, when Olivia Munn and newly divorced, John Mulaney, announced they were having a baby together, fans were affected by this and were upset. Experts say this is normal. It only becomes an issue when used as a crutch for a real relationship. 
  • And a reason you aren’t getting a second date might be because the conversation was too ideological. Topics including religion, politics, or sport may be divisive for a first date. Getting too personal right at the beginning could rub someone the wrong way. A tip could be to open up about yourself before asking your date for personal information about them. You could also try to bring up topics that both parties can speak on so the conversation doesn’t become one-sided. 
  • Turns out every state has a favorite candy and Twix happens to be Utah’s candy of choice! 

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