SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – Before you toss out your clothes for spring cleaning, you should try upcycling! Jonnie Hartman joined us to demonstrate how your old and oversized clothes can be turned into your staple piece for the summer

While tossing and donating clothes is always an option, landfills are filling up, and cotton takes over 200 hundred years to biodegrade. Upcycling helps keep these landfills from overflowing while helping you get creative with your crafts.

Fabric glue and scissors are your best friend when it comes to upcycling. One way you can revamp boring clothes is by cutting strands from old t-shirts, braiding the strands together, then gluing them to your clothing items or shoes! You can even make matching pieces that will make you stand out this summer.

Using fabric paint is also a great way to give your clothes new life! Take some stencils, fill them in with fabric paint on your shirts, and suddenly you have a brand new clothing item you made yourself. You can also use paint pens to draw your own designs if you’re feeling creative.

You can find more tips and tricks on how to upcycle your clothing on Jonnie’s Instagram at @jonniehartmanart