The Colors of Cancer event is taking place August 20th at 2pm at the Gateway Plaza. We sat down with Catina Struble, Senior Community Development Manager, and Pete Saltas, Utah Beer Festival Event Organizer, to talk about what to expect from the event and why it is important. 

Colors of Cancer is centered around the LGBTQ+ community. Research shows that cancer rates are very high and screening rates are very low. They have found that there are a few barriers to the screening process. The first being that it is expensive. Many have trouble with their insurance or don’t have any at all which makes it difficult to pay for. Another difficulty is that they do not have a provider that they trust. Finally, they are unaware of when to get screened. Cancer is a heavy topic so this event is aiming to try and spread awareness through fun events like drag queen bingo, silent auction, and food trucks. They will also be partnering with the Utah Beer Festival. City Weekly sponsors the Utah Beer Festival every year and loves to give back to the community. They have always supported the LGBTQ+ community and are excited to raise awareness. They have over seventy beer vendors and ten food and merchandise vendors. There will also be live music taking place all day as well as give aways. The money raised from the event will go to the Health Equity Initiative and improving the gaps in healthcare when it comes to cancer screenings in this community. 

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