Alex Beekley has just graduated high school, and already has her own company! The co-founder of Unleash BP, we discuss with Alex that despite everything going on right now in the world, we must stay resilient. Banning together to support and care about one another through the communities we have here in Utah is vital for our society to continue moving forward into the future.

Unleash BP is a website development company that helps small businesses get the crucial online presence they need, now more than every. Alex tells us that most companies are struggling to get online in the first place and get their message out to people. Broadening to a larger audience, past existing customers is key.

At Unleash BP, the team is generation Z, all 22 years old and younger. This age group is primed and ready to help share their knowledge with older generations who may not have the same grasp on the online world. Alex says if you’re open to learning, anyone can do it, and the gap can be bridged.

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