Picture this… you are late for your turn picking up the carpool. You are scrambling trying to find the keys, your bag, and sunglasses, then you get to your shoes. You have to go through the process of sitting down, loosening the laces, and tying the shoes. What if you could skip this step and just run straight out the door? We spoke with Alex and Sabrina from Kizik shoes about what makes their shoes unique and their new children’s line. 

Kizik shoes are designed with unique technology that allows your foot to effortlessly slide in the shoe without the hassle of your normal footwear. No hands are needed due to the component in the back that allows for an easy rebound. Once your foot is in the shoe, there is no need to worry about it slipping out. They are a Lindon, Utah-based company and have been in business for about five years. This is no surprise due to their fun colors and classic design that make them easy to pair with everyday style. They are seeing a lot of younger individuals getting excited about these shoes and the appeal of convenience. One of the best parts about these shoes is that you are not sacrificing comfort for style. An important thing to note about Kizik is that they are partnered with Nike, so their performance is a large part of the quality of the product. 

Their children’s line launches on August 2nd. They have both individual styles as well as mommy and me styles for those who want to match. Their simple, hands-free design makes Kizik the must-have shoes for back-to-school season. 

Visit www.kizik.com to purchase your very own pair of Kizik shoes. 

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