Interested in bringing out your inner witch this holiday season? The Pleiadian Altar Owner, Julia Gates, stopped by GTU to tell us about her woman-owned metaphysical pop-up store in Riverton.

The Pleiadian Altar, pronounced “plee-ay-dee-in” is named after the planet and star constellation Pleiadian. This metaphysical store is a place where people can make purchases they feel good about as well as ask questions and receive meaningful answers, they offer much more than that as well! Readings can be scheduled through their website and they also host family-friendly community classes about metaphysics. The goal of The Pleiadian Alter is to provide ethically sourced metaphysical supplies while creating a safe learning environment for the community.

Gates also took the time to answer two of the most common questions they receive. First, how do crystals and spell jars work? Gates says items pick up on energy just as individuals pick up on the energy of other individuals around them. Each crystal has different energy ranging from calmness to excitement to abundance and many other things. Gates says these things help people visualize their intentions, “This is not magic. It’s about focusing your energy on things.”

As far as spell jars, each one has a different use, herbs, and crystals. You place the jar in the area of your home that will help with that intention. An example Gates used is if you have a spell jar with the purpose of protection it will be best used by being placed by the door of your house.

To contact The Pleiadian Altar, visit their website, Instagram, or text (385) 238-3854.