SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – Making more plant-based choices in your diet doesn’t mean you have to have to say goodbye to the classic snacks that you know and love. Elle Crossley, one of the interns at Good Things Utah, showed us a few snacks foods that are unintentionally vegan through a fun guessing game with the hosts.

Doritos have a few flavors that use no animal products. Spicy Sweet Chili, a flavor known and loved by many, is actually vegan! Toasted Corn Doritos and Blaze Doritos are plant-based as well. The rest of their flavors use dairy or chicken-based ingredients.

Most fruit snacks are made with gelatin, which uses animal collagen to create a squishy texture in foods. This comes from the bones and connective tissues of animals. Mott’s fruit snacks use fruit and vegetable starches instead which makes them vegan friendly and a great swap that you can make.

Skinny Pop has a handful of flavors that are completely vegan. Their original, sea salt & pepper, white cheddar, twist of lime, sweet & salty kettle corn, and sweet vanilla kettle corn flavors skip out on animal products, but not flavor! Their white cheddar uses non-dairy cheese flavor, but don’t get it swapped with their aged white cheddar flavor, which does include dairy.

Oreos are one of the most iconic snack foods. Lucky for all, they are vegan too! Just about all Oreo flavors are vegan, other than a select few that use honey.

Eating plant-based can help to dramatically decrease your environmental impacts. It’s hard for many to make the change to complete vegetarianism or veganism, but even decreasing your consumption of animal products by any degree makes a difference. As you can see from this article, many plant-based swaps are as easy as changing the flavor of the chip you buy!