Spiritual Medium and Author Amy Winsett talked with us today about messages from the other side. 

Winsett explained that messages from the other side may seem complex at times but often aren’t hard to find and interpret if you know how to do it. The spiritual world exists inside of the physical world and when loved ones pass on, they remain nearby within that spiritual world that coexists with our physical world, she said. The best way to sense your loved ones in the spiritual world is to have belief in the existence of the spiritual world, she also said.  

Some ways that spirits send messages is by leaving their favorite color behind, such as consistently seeing purple items if a loved one that’s passed favorite color was purple, said Winsett. Other forms of messaging can be seen in scents and sometimes even seeing a past loved one. Winsett explained that spirits like to manifest in the physical world and depending on if you are a thinker or feeler, you can witness their manifestations in different ways. She also said that sometimes the messages that are left aren’t anything serious; sometimes they’re just there to say hello.  

Viewers can find Amy at the energy healing conference being held in Ogden from June 23 to June 25 where she will be speaking and be holding a class to help participants connect with the other side. 

You can find Amy on social media at @awakeningwithamywinsett and you can book a private session with her at www.serenityspautah.com  

Her book is also available for purchase on Amazon.