Twitter is still buzzing about that Utah fly in the VP debate

Good Things Utah
  • On Good Things Utah today – Twitter is still buzzing about the VP debate last night in Salt Lake City. And we read some of the funniest tweets about that pesky Utah fly on Vice President Pence’s hair, he didn’t move for more than two minutes!
  • Plus, lets jump into the holiday season where stores are already trying to plan what they will do about visits to Santa Claus at the malls. This year the man in red will definitely be masked, and there will be no hugging or sitting on his lap. We’ll tell you what else will be changing about that holiday tradition.
  • Speaking of masks, the beloved movie Sound of Music has a line that just came out this week. And Rihanna’s fashion line is inclusive not just for women but for men too. We have the reaction from “real” men this morning.
  • And finally, Instagram is celebrating it’s 10th birthday and to mark the occasion we are looking back at our first ever posts on the ‘gram’ all those years ago. (you will not be surprised by Brian’s post:) Hope you join us for a Thursday edition of GTU.

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