Kyriaki Joy, parenting expert, came on the show to share a few easy tricks and tips to turn vacationing with kids into a breeze. 

Traveling with kids is almost never a vacation, but it can be an adventure. Instead of making it a stressful experience, here is how it can be fun.

Keep it moving. Try and plan ahead to always keep your kids occupied. Plan some activities, toys, snacks and a little screen time. Switch to up every twenty to thirty minutes or just test the waters, but have things planned to keep it fun. 

Some fun activities include, “Funny Faces”, a magnetic mix-n-match game. Writing tablets are cheap and can keep kids entertained for hours. Scavenger hunts are interactive and can unite your whole family as you all search for something. Lastly, printing out a map and drawing or coloring in where you have been.

For parents, keep in mind that you need to take time for yourself. Even just 15 minutes of reset time can be essential to keep a level headed mindset for the vacation. 

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