SALT LAKE CITY, UT – (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Last year the style “coastal grandmother” took people of all ages by a storm. “Coastal Grandmother” is a mix of crisp linen pants and classic button-down shirts. But now we are seeing a spin off fashion that will rock the internet this upcoming summer. “Coastal cowgirl” this new style is a mix of the coastal grandma of 2022 and a bit of western. Today the hosts talk about how you can make your “coastal cowgirl” wardrobe.  

Take the beachy aesthetic that we loved from last year and reuse your coastal grandmother wardrobe and add a few clothing pieces to be on trend. Some coastal cowgirls must haves for your closet. 

  • cowboy boots 
  • Suede, quilted, and patchwork jackets 
  • Turquoise and silver jewelry 
  • Denim jackets 
  • Woven straw hats 
  • Vests 

For more information check out this article. They give links for all the must haves and provide all the information to turn you from coastal grandma to coastal cowgirl.