Tuna Tartare at Kimi’s Chop House

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There is a stunning space in Sugarhouse that was once a post office, then furniture store, special events hall, and for the last five years it’s been home to Kimi’s Chop and Oyster House, a beautifully decorated and delicious hot spot.

Kimi showed us how one of her most popular dishes, tuna tartare, is made. She started by creating the ponzu sauce, an Asian citrus soy sauce. Into a bowl of soy sauce went raw honey, shallots, garlic, and chili flakes. After mixing to thicken, Kimi added juice from a freshly squeezed orange.

After the sauce is strained, comes the tuna tartare. Ahi tuna is frozen first, to kill any bacteria. A dash of sesame seeds is added to the sushi grade tuna, chives, and the ponzu is then mixed in.

Kimi says oysters, shellfish, and cashew crusted halibut are all popular dishes on the menu.

Open Monday through Saturday, visit Kimi’s Chop and Oyster House for both lunch and dinner at 2155 S Highland Drive, and peruse the menu at kimishouse.com/

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