Tsunami Doll Cakes

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Tsunami Doll Cakes is currently the latest cake craze on social media. Moana Arruda from Mo Lovin’ Oven is back in the kitchen showing how to make one of your own!

White Chocolate Ganache

-2 cups white chocolate chips
-1 1/3 heavy cream

1.Melt cream and chocolate chips in microwave in 30 second intervals stirring well between each 30 seconds until smooth. Add a few drops food coloring of choice and mix well.
2.Place ganache in piping bag set into a glass until ready to use. (Don’t let it sit long as it will begin to harden)
3.Place 1/2 cup edible glitter in a piping bag in a second cup until ready to use

Watch the video to see all of Moana’s tips and tricks to master this cake.

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