SANDY, Utah (Good Things Utah) – At TruSolace Healing Center in Sandy, the goal is to help you rediscover yourself at the core, and fall in love with you again. TruSolace us a place for you to lose inches, lose weight, and increase whole body health.

TruSolace Healing Center approaches health from a proactive, balanced, and holistic view. Human connection, knowledge and love are at the core of their practice. TruSolace will address health from many avenues, from body contouring with Ultimate Contour, to Semaglutide weight loss assistance, mind processes, aesthetics, and more.

TruSolace uses ultrasound frequency with the Ultimate Contour to break up entrenched fat cells that the body then absorbs and excretes. Patients report losing inches in just 40 minutes.

Visit for more information. Or call 801-214-0321.

9445 South Union Square – Sandy, UT 84070

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