Heidi Robey, otherwise known as Hot Mess Heidi, is a mom of 3, comedian, and mental health advocate. She and her baby joined us on GTU hour 2 with 6 steps to better mental health. She compared our brains to a computer and has some tips to repair your software. 

1. Turn the computer off & on – GET EXTRA SLEEP

  • Less sleep = #1 trigger
  • More sleep = #1 treatment

2. Close programs – CUT BACK SCHEDULE

  • Cut out unnecessary stress
  • Make time to relax & have fun

3. Troubleshoot – MEDITATION 

  • Journaling
  • Exercise 
  • Time in nature
  • Going for a drive
  • Prayer

4. Customer Service – TALK TO YOUR PEOPLE

  • They are “experts” on YOU
  • Family, friends, spouse, etc.

5. Delete virus – RX MEDICATION

  • There is NO SHAME:
  • It’s just like any other medical issue!

6. Reprogram Computer – THERAPY

  • Rewire your brain
  • Third-party confidant 
  • ANYONE can benefit from therapy!

Struggling with mental health is far more common than most of us realize. There is no shame in needing help!

Suicide Prevention Hotline:

National: TEXT or CALL: 988 

Utah: CALL 1-800-273-8255

Instagram: @hotmessheidirobey