Trick to train your dog to be more calm

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We had Ryan Gwilliam, from Train Walk Poop Pet Services, on the show to show us a trick that will teach your dog to be more calm. Ryan started off as a self taught dog trainer that realized his passion for dogs at an early age. He later became a certified dog trainer and became a part of Train Walk Poop team.

Ryan’s trick teaches your dog to get eye contact with you before it begins to do any other tricks, which simultaneously teaches them that if they want your attention eye contact is the best way to get it. So instead of jumping up, whining, or barking, they will seek eye contact with you. If it’s done right you’ll be able to stare at any spot on the floor and your dog will move to that spot and stare at you.

If your dog jumps up or paws at you for attention then chances are your dog needs better communication from you about how to best get your attention. Teach your dog that politely sitting and staring at you until you get the message is the method that pays off. For more pet tips, tricks, and services you can reach Ryan through his website

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