Associate marriage and family therapist Nicole Von Niederhausern discussed trauma, resources, and practices to treat trauma.  

Von Niederhausern said that there are two kinds of trauma including “Big T” and “Little T” trauma. Big T trauma encompasses shootings, car crashes, and other major life-threatening events or big events in general. Little T trauma includes other smaller distressing events in our lives that we do not often associate with trauma, such as bullying or losing a loved one. She said that most people experience Little T trauma that they are not aware of as being trauma.  

One of the best methods for treating trauma, Von Niederhausern said, is Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, or EMDR. This proven therapy method for treating trauma works in the way that it helps the brain reprocess traumatic events that the brain otherwise won’t or can’t process. EMDR is also distinct in the way that it processes memories in a detailed way that brings past experiences filed away back to the surface level where they can be processed.  

Viewers can find Von Niederhausern at her clinic’s website or by calling 435-216-9937. 

Von Niederhausern’s clinic is located at 95 W 100 S, Suite 126 Logan, UT.