SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Ganel Lyn Condie is a public speaker and mental health advocate. She joined us on the show with some tips for freeing yourself from pain and taking steps to forgive.

She shared a background story about Thanksgiving. Squanto was the Native American that helped the English settlers of Plymouth Colony (later known as pilgrims) survive in their new home by teaching them how to plant crops, fish, and hunt. He was sold as a slave and when he came back he realized he had lost his tribe. He decided to help the same people that had hurt him. While we may not be required to forgive at this level, we can offer forgiveness this time of year.

She shared 3 tips to Forgiving:

  • Feel the feelings: feelings that are felt and flow won’t get stuck.
  • Figure out the story you are telling yourself about the situation: our stories set the tone of our tomorrows. So get clear on the story you are telling yourself. Check facts if needed.
  • Find a new way forward: you can have boundaries but find a new way forward. Write a new story with a new ending. Show up how you value not based on how someone is acting – like Squanto did.

Ganel Lyn shared that not forgiving is like holding a hot coal, when you already know it is hot, and it is burning you. She says that you have every right to set it down. You can find her online at and on Instagram and Facebook @ganellyn