A man well acquainted with childhood trauma sets out to support our children today. Shawn Vierra, founder of the LOVE HARD Foundation joined us on the show to share his mission to help kids experiencing trauma. 

Vierra lost his father to mental health challenges in his youth and has since dealt with the challenges that have come with that loss. He has been able to heal through EMDR/ART therapy and hopes to make that available to kids going through similar trauma. LOVE HARD sets out to help children transform their tragedies into triumphs. The foundation works directly with school districts to ensure all students have access to trauma therapy. 

LOVE HARD is currently in collaboration with Weber School District and is funding 15 of their therapists to become ART certified. They also help pay for EMDR/ART and Ketamine treatments for students whose families can’t afford them. 

Vierra featured LOVE HARD merch and the meaning behind them. He explains that the pieces are not cheap, however, each item funds two treatments for a student in need. This is something you truly can’t put a price on. 

LOVE HARD has recently joined Governor Coxs Utah Board of Mental Health to rally behind mental health initiatives in our state. 

To learn more or donate, visit letslovehard.org/donate and follow @love.hard143 on Instagram.