SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – Jackson Carter, a Toy collector, joined our hosts to show off some of his Barbies in his toy collection. 

Starting strong, Carter shows us his Baby Biker Belinda. This Barbie is part of the “Kelly Club” which is a line of small, low-cost dolls. Kelly was Barbie’s little sister until she was replaced in 2008. 

Next up, is the Barbie and Tanner doll set. This Barbie set came with a dog named Tanner, a food bowl, and a pooper scooper!

Earring Magic Ken was another doll that was brought on set. He is the highest-selling Ken doll of all time, despite being on the shelf for only 6 months. 

The last doll brought on set was the Nsync’s #1 Fan Barbie. This Barbie was from the year 2000 and comes decked out in Nsync merch. Each doll came with a CD containing an exclusive remix of a Nsync song. For more Barbie and toy content, follow Carter on Instagram.