Katy Sine, a self-love researcher joined us on the show to share her journey to self love. Sine is often seen on the show talking about goodies from Taste Utah, but has not always had a good relationship with food. She shares that she actually grew up hating herself because she loved food. Now, Sine has allowed her love of food to be a part of her. She is able to offer that love and share it with so many people. 

Self-love can be taking many different paths. It can be challenging ourselves to go directly uphill, giving ourselves a steady incline, a nice hike where we can look at the valley and be with our thoughts, or maybe even turning around and heading down hill.

Self-knowledge is the key and knowing our why and the myth of perfection and accurate self-talk. 

Sine shares that accepting ourselves is not enough, it’s passive and resigned. Allowing for ourselves — is essential. This is the ability to witness all of what makes us human. 

Ignoring those things only stops us from seeing ourselves, offering ourselves compassion and doing the same for others. 

Sine will be at The Lodge at Bluesky on Saturday, February 12 holding a workshop on self-love from 1:00 to 2:30 pm. It will be a deep dive into love, self-love and creating the space to connect with it all. To learn more information on this event visit: https://aubergeresorts.com/bluesky/experiences/valentines-day/

Contact: katysine@gmail.com

Sine adds that while self love can be about taking time to rest and recharge, ultimately it is about understanding your needs. When trying to get from point A to point B, we can take different paths to get there. We then are able to give love as an offering to ourselves.

In GTU hour 2, Sine touched on giving vs receiving love. Giving love infers ownership of the offering which puts a condition on it. When we receive love we offer ourselves and others love. 

The hosts joined in on a mindfulness meditation. They took deep breaths imagining themselves receiving love with the breath in and give love with a breath out. 

Instagram: @selflovesine