Note for viewers: This article and video clip contains discussions of sexual assault.

Safety advocate for women and girls Robyn Warner talked about safety and being prepared rather than
scared, earlier today.

After having her own experience with sexual assault her freshman year of college, Warner has since
spent the last 13 years working to educate and empower women and girls to prevent similar
experiences from happening to them.

As a mother of four, one of Warner’s favorite types of education is children’s education. One of the ways
she does this? Encouraging people to not teach their children stranger danger. Since most child sexual
assaults occur from people a child knows, Warner said that she encourages teaching children “tricky
people.” By teaching children a few characteristics to be aware of, children can alert their parents to
behavior that may be happening out of view.

Warner’s top recommendations for keeping anyone safe is to carry pepper spray around and know how
to use it, utilize the buddy system, and stay aware of your surroundings.

You can learn more about Warner and what she does at her website and you can
connect with her on Instagram at username @aflyonmywall to see weekly safety tips.

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