Tom Hanks is related to Mister Rogers

Good Things Utah
  • On Good Things Utah today – Apparently there was really no better actor to play Mister Rogers than Tom Hanks. The actor in the new movie about the tv icon is apparently a distant relative! Plus, a safety warning for parents this morning, make sure you take your child’s coat off before strapping them in their car seat. We’ll tell you why. And speaking of moms, actress Kate Hudson has the most relatable post of the day! We’ll share what it said about her parenting abilities. And finally, the hairstyle of 2019 is all about “invisible layers”. Reagan explains.
  • And finally, Whoopi Goldberg says she isn’t looking to ever move in with anyone again. Find out why she and other celebs say it’s better to live alone. Hope you join us for a Wednesday edition of GTU!

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