Tips to make long road trips with kids more enjoyable

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The holidays are approaching and with so many issues with airlines lately, families might want to consider driving instead of flying. Luckily, Whitney Johnson came by to give us tips on how to make long road trips with kids bearable!

  • Plan for plenty of time to get to your destination — feeling rushed can cause frustration, so if you planned out enough time to make some stops along the way you won’t feel so disheartened when your kids need to stop frequently. 
  • Map out your trip beforehand and find places you could potentially stop every 2 hours, you might not need to, but it is handy to have it pre-planned. These stops do not need to be gas stations, they can be any place your kids can run around and get some energy out. Johnson personally stopped at a junior high on her recent road trip to Arizona and let her kids run around the track.
  • Plan a stop right before your children’s traditional nap or mealtime to do a diaper change, feed them a meal, or turn on some white noise. Replicating traditional nap time routines is helpful.
  • Pack each kid their own snack or entertainment bag! When they get bored or hungry they can pull out something to eat or something to do. Avoid things with small pieces, but pack things like coloring books, books, window clings, and their favorite dolls.

If you are planning on taking a long road trip this holiday season be sure to implement these tips. For more tips and tricks check out Johnson’s website, Instagram and Facebook

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