SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH- (Good Things Utah) Smith Alley, founder of The Live Life Bigger Foundation, hopped on the GTU couch to share the best tips for parents and teens to cut the screen time and put down the phones. At just 19, Alley has been an advocate for youth’s mental health and ran his own foundation for over three years. Alley wants to help make sure kids are safe and mentally well while online.

Alley knows the struggle of mental health firsthand as he battled with it as a youth in addition to battling addictions. When he was in first grade, he had a stutter and was made fun of by a fellow student, a moment he considers his “paper cut” moment which made him feel he was not enough and started his troubles. When Alley was in eighth grade, he attempted suicide and fortunately had people who cared and saved him. After that, he wanted to pay it forward and help others, primarily youth, who were struggling.

Today, the average child spends a third of their day online using apps and surfing the web. With being engrossed with that much screen time, kids may not make room for other necessary things in their life such as school work, time outside and even hygiene. Alley says kids will use their phone for nearly every emotion they’re facing. The phone becomes the drug of choice for many kids. Rather than shaming kids, parents should find ways to help their kids with their struggles.

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