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Summer is coming and that means more bodies in the house and more chaos, Dorai’s co-founder and clean home expert Kelsey O’Callaghan has tips that will help you stay organized and create time-saving systems in the kitchen. More importantly, they are designed to be easy enough for everyone in the house to adopt, so cleaning can be delegated 

5 Kitchen Organization Tips 

Tip 1: Group small similar items in the fridge and pantry in clear bins. This enables you to see what inventory you have and what’s running low. You want to pretend you have chiller drawers for everything, and then implement that with these. Kelsey keep one for yogurt, one for nut butter, one for dressings, etc. 

Tip 2: Every appliance or countertop item should have a designated spot that’s out of sight. Even if you use it every day, it’s worth putting it away to reduce that physical clutter and make for easier cleaning. Kelsey learned through living with my husband that he’s less likely to put appliances and pans away if he has to Tetris them into some cabinet. So she created taped-off zones in the pantry and labeled them with the appliance name. For example, instant pot, then toaster, Dish Pad, etc. It’s foolproof and efficient for storing. 

Tip 3: Plan your kitchen blueprint around your dishwasher and dish rack. Too often, we put plates and cups closest to the places we’re eating. We, unfortunately, spend more time putting away the dishes than preparing to eat, this results in more mini-trips around the kitchen. When it comes to hand-washed items, get a high-quality dish rack that keeps things organized and looks good on your counter. Stop using those squishy foam pads that get mildewed or hand towels that look bad on counters. This one is has designated sections for your hand-washed items that make it easy to put things away. 

Tip 4: Alphabetize your spices and sauces, Kelsey promises you it’s worth it. She is a convert to this method, she used to organize them based on the frequency of usage but that varies by person and if someone else is cleaning up they don’t know your system. If you have these items alphabetized, it’s quick to find them and easy to return them to their designated spot. It takes a little time upfront, but it’s worth it in the long run for the reduced cognitive load when we’re cooking at the end of the day. 

-As you can tell, I love a clean space. I am co-founder of Dorai, a local company that makes home products that are both eco-friendly and chic.  

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