SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – Grandparents play a huge role in the lives of their grandchildren, and with this responsibility comes many challenges for grandparents. Linda and Richard Eyre joined us to talk about the difficulties grandparents are facing, and how to overcome them.

Currently, many grandparents are worried about three main things: the relationships with the parents, how to form individual relationships with the grandkids, and how to teach them values. Fitting in as a grandparent can be difficult, and finding your place in your grandchildren’s lives can be difficult.

As a grandparent, there are endless ways you can connect with your grandchildren. With the accessibility of the internet, long distance grandparenting has become easier than ever. Facetime and text are the perfect ways for you to connect with your teenage grandchildren when seeing them in person isn’t an option, and there are so many things you can do to be involved in their lives.

Linda and Richard host a class called Grandparenting 101, and they have their students write a vision statement about what type of grandparent they want to be. This helps with making the task of grandparenting more fun and less daunting, and allows for their style of grandparenting to become more intentional.

With their Grandparenting 101 course, grandparents from all around the world join a zoom class to learn the basics of grandparenting. This course allows for grandparents to empathize with each other and ask each other questions about the best styles of grandparenting, creating a community while building grandparenting skills. The more conscious you are as a grandparent about the challenges and responsibilities of grandparenting, the more you are able to contribute to your grandchild’s life.

The Grandparenting 101 is a two hour course that occurs once a month, and every week the people participating in this course will receive a newsletter with resources and tips. You can pay what you want for this course, and there is a free option for people who are unable to afford paying the fee allowing for everyone to be involved.

To apply for this course and build your grandparenting skills, you can sign up for this course at, and their next course starts in one week, so register now!