With the world of social media, video content, and influencers, it is no surprise that one third of teens are wanting to have a career in these fields. We spoke with Abbi Winslow, teen life coach, about the impact of the media on teens and their goals. Winslow gives tips on how to handle this situation when raising your teen.

While we all go through the phase of wanting to be famous when we are growing up, those who are extremely motivated by fame and wealth suffer from lack of self esteem. They are constantly consumed by the thoughts of not being popular enough or comparing themselves to others. The first tip that Winslow gives parents to ground their teen is to list those in your life who influenced you. This will help your child see that the majority of those who have the most impact on others are “ordinary” people. This sends the message to your teen that you matter the way you are right now despite having a following. The next tip is to share your family’s stories. Knowing this gives teens a sense of resilience. Those who know their origin and story have better academic performance, better self esteem, as well as more socially connected. Winslow also speaks about celebrating the ordinary and putting emphasis on regular interactions we had that have a positive impact on us. By using these tips and tricks you can ground your teen without crushing their dreams. 

Winslow just released “High School” a guidebook to help guide teens through the difficult years of high school and how to use it as a platform to grow and reach your full potential. Purchase it by going to www.abbiwinslow.com 

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