Tips on making “REST”olutions this year

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With the new year right around the corner, resolutions are at the forefront of our minds. But, mental health advocate, Heidi Robey, is here to put a twist on how we think about these goals. 

She introduced a term she calls “RESTolutions”. This is different from a resolution because instead of trying to do more, the goal is to do less. Robey says that resolutions complicate your life, while restolutions simplify your life. She mentions that the core beliefs behind resolutions are that we are not enough until we do x,y, and z. She hopes to help viewers shift to a place of self-compassion by making restolutions that help us realize we are already enough and can try to be even better. 

Making restolutions makes more room for things that matter most. Some of these benefits include time for mental health, strengthening relationships, meditation, fun, relaxation, and hobbies. She offers the following tips on making restolutions: 

  • List all of your most important tasks
  • Make goals for shortcuts you’re going to take to make life easier Ex: grocery pickup, meal prep, paper plates
  • Schedule in rest 

When doing this, Robey recommends applying the 80/20 rule. As opposed to doing 100% of the work for 100% results, consider doing 20% of the most important work so you can enjoy 80% of the results. She says that her most important takeaway is to remember that you are already good enough. Be kind to yourselves and treat yourself with the love you give others.

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