Teenage years are difficult to navigate and as a parent it is important to know what concerning behaviors to look for in your teenagers. We sat down with Abbi Winslow, life coach for teens, about dealing with teenage apathy. 

Winslow describes teenage apathy as not caring about anything or losing interest in past activities. The “I don’t care” attitude can mean a lot of different things such as defiance, defense, or cynicism. While this can be a common thing among teens, it can sometimes be a warning sign of deeper issues like depression or substance abuse. Winslow gives a few tips for dealing with apathetic behavior in your teen: 

•Ignore the attitude and focus on the words

•Keep communication lines open

•Give them space to change their mind

A reminder that Winslow has is that all teens deserve a day to be a jerk. Being a teenager can be confusing and stressful and it is important to remember to let them feel those emotions every once in a while. Trusting your gut as a parent to know when something is wrong with your child is the key to helping them overcome this feeling. Teaching them that caring about something is being brave can be very important as many teens aren’t emotionally ready to recognize those deeper feelings. 

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