Lindsey Parker with @whimzysworld is all about inspiring people to travel and explore the world. Lindsey says now is the time get back out into the world and discover new and exciting things.

Lindsey says there are many benefits to travel and that it is important to find the right type of trip for you. Here are some tips for planning your next trip:

Subscribe to a cheap flights subscription service (i.e. Scott’s Cheap Flights) to help save money and find you affordable flights.

Take your time when traveling. Don’t rush it. You do not have to do or see everyting in one day.

Try Google Flights itinerary feature to help organize your trip – it’s travel planning made easy.

Engage your fellow travelers – have everyone traveling find at least 5 things they want to do/see on the trip. This can build excitement and engagement and help fill your days with memorable experiences.

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