Tips for handling difficult family members

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As we know, more time spent with family during the holidays can also mean more conflict and heartache for some people. Life coach, Kelee Love, sat down with our hosts to discuss how to lovingly handle difficult family members. 

  1. Stay off heated topics. If you know that you have a different opinion than your family member, it’s okay to stay off that topic or completely steer the conversation in another direction. 
  2. Adjust your expectations of them. Try to keep in mind that everyone is truly doing their best. When we can view people with these eyes, we can allow people to be who they are.
  3. Be grateful they are here in your life. Everyone is our teacher, so find ways to be grateful for them and what they might be teaching you. Maybe it’s a little more compassion, understanding, love, or maybe it’s just to not take things personally.

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