Tips for first-time cat owners

Good Things Utah

If you’re considering getting a cat for the first time, you have to check out these tips below because they’ll answer all your questions. Megan Kilpatrick of Maw and Paws Bakery came by today to give advice for cat-owners.

Her first piece of advice is to get the right size litter box so they’re comfortable and have room to move around, she recommends getting a covered one so they have more privacy and it even prevents odors. She advises you to clean it once or twice a day depending on the cat.

Kilpatrick also says it’s important to get a shallow wide bowl to prevent whisker fatigue, which is when their whiskers get pulled back and causes exhaustion. She even emphasizes they should be eating canned food because it’s healthier for them and their stomachs don’t expand so small meals are essential.

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