OREM, Utah (Good Things Utah) – When it comes to trimming the tree for the holidays, the experts at Gatehouse No. 1 Furniture and Design know how to do it beautifully.

Gatehouse has a special formula for trimming the tree – some things to help make your tree feel fuller and more festive.

  • Add Greens and Sprays into the tree – layering them into the tree – you’ll want to add about 1 for every foot of the tree (for example 6 x 6 foot tree)
  • Incorporate different sized ornaments – start with the large ones first, then the smaller ones – and again add one per each foot of the tree
  • Add Beads and Garland – one per every two feet of the tree
  • Specialty Ornaments can make your tree standout and look special – – organize a variety in groups of 3 or 4
  • Add Ribbon – One per every foot of your tree

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