In today’s world there are so many opportunities for new businesses to grow and achieve. We talked with Sam Hobson Fairman, founder of Sauce Media Group, about her 5 tips to create a successful business.

Farimans first tip is to follow your gut. “You know your business better than anyone so if you have a gut feeling about something but can’t explain- you don’t have to. Just do it.” Secondly, don’t get discouraged if your business isn’t growing as quickly as you planned, “slow growth is still growth.” Her third tip is to take responsibility for your mistakes. As a leader, you lose trust when you refuse to own up to your mistakes. Another great tip she shares, which is key to a successful business in today’s society, is creating a great company culture. When you have a group who are eager to learn and love the company, there are endless possibilities for growth. The final tip she shares is don’t burn bridges. Fairman states, “As someone who has burned bridges in business in the past…it’s not worth it! Have the hard conversations, set boundaries, and move forward.”

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