With inflation in the United States at a forty year high, Americans are spending more and more money each day as prices rise. We sat down with Stace Jensen, financial literacy expert, as she talked us through ten ways to save money during this period. 

Jensen’s first tip is to get quotes from a few companies for expenses such as car and homeowner insurance, and cell phone providers. She also recommends avoiding any unplanned purchases. When scrolling through social media platforms and watching TV, ignore the urge to click on these ads. By doing this you are avoiding the spontaneous behavior that we all suffer from when shopping online. Utah is a beautiful state with many outdoor activities and many ways to get your body moving. Jensen recommends making use of the nature around us and putting your gym membership on hold during the warm months to save on those monthly expenses. Also, look at your subscriptions and monthly statements to pinpoint where you are spending. Sometimes, we may even be paying for subscriptions that we didn’t even know we had. Or, you may notice you are spending too much money going out for your daily coffee and have to cut back on the six dollar latte everyday. In addition, having a set menu and grocery list before going to the store to avoid unnecessary items. Jensen also states that incorporating more produce into your diet can be beneficial as the prices for meats and dairy have increased more drastically. A large part of the inflation has been the increase in gas prices. A tip that Jensen shares to combat this is to sign up for the rewards program most gas stations offer. 

Other advice includes selling items around your house you do not need. All of these thoughts develop a more conscious mindset around spending and developing habits to spend our money in a smart way. 

One thing that Jensen wants to emphasize is that this inflation is not permanent. We went through this forty years ago. Don’t panic, just think critically and be aware of your financial habits as we push through these unfortunate circumstances. 

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