Nate Benson from Uncle Jesse’s BBQ joined us today and displayed his skills and shared his knowledge with us as an expert and competitive pitmaster on how to make a perfect steak.  

His best tips for getting that juicy steak? Benson said that the foundation is in the steak that you purchase. His favorite steak is one that has marbled layers of fat within the meat. The fat within the meat adds to the flavor of the steak so that it is tastier and more tender than other cuts. He also recommends trying a New York strip or a ribeye over the typical fillet next time you are at the store looking to buy a steak. He also said to not be afraid of seasoning since the only seasoning you are putting on the steak is just a little on the top or bottom. Benson showed us that patting the seasoning into steak is preferable to rubbing it in since rubbing seasoning onto a steak scratches the surface. He adds different seasonings to create tasty flavor combinations. He will also sometimes let the steak sit overnight wrapped with the seasoning on it before cooking.  

Benson also talked about his experience in competitions. He explained that competitions start with all competitors selecting steak that is provided to them through the entry fee. Then, competitors are given some hours to cook their steaks to perfection before presenting them to the judges.  

To connect with Benson for catering inquiries or otherwise, viewers can reach out to him at @Ujbbq on Instagram and Facebook or by calling 801-361-4008