Cat Palmer joined us today to talk about gluten-free snacks and meals to bring for your upcoming travels.  

Palmer has been gluten-free for 10 years and she said that her partner is gluten-free as well, so the struggle of finding gluten-free options while on the road is no stranger to them. Palmer gave viewers some of her top tips and tricks for eating gluten-free while traveling.  

Some of her favorite things to bring are protein bars, dried fruit, mini charcuterie boards in a plastic container, and nuts. Since fast food is rarely an option, easy-to-pack and filling snacks are Palmer’s top recommendations.  

When arriving at your destination, Palmer said that she always does her research on restaurants that have gluten-free options. She recommends a New York City restaurant that serves gluten-free New York-style bagels that will overnight bagels to customers living outside of the city, including all the way out to Salt Lake! Other options include gluten-free sourdough bread in San Francisco that also ships orders to customers not living in San Francisco. Other wonderful places to find gluten-free options include Boise, Idaho, and Los Angeles. The “Find me Gluten Free” app is a terrific way to find gluten-free options near you, Palmer said. 

You do not just have to hit the road to find great gluten-free options though, Palmer recommended a few of her favorite local spots in the Salt Lake Valley including Ekami Thai, East Liberty Tap House, Good Food Bakery, Zest, and others.  

For more tips and tricks on finding gluten-free options while traveling and finding fun local spots, you can find Palmer on social media at @catpalmerphotography and on her website at