Let’s face it, parenting is hard. Every stage of a child’s life comes with new struggles as a parent. When dealing with a toddler, it is especially difficult to get them to transition to eating more structured meals. Today we spoke with Alyssa Bybee about tips for feeding your toddler. 

Bybee highlighted four important pieces of advice that she believes helped her when learning how to feed her toddler. The first tip is to adapt what you are eating. Don’t eat foods that are too aggressive for their developing pallet. Stay away from the heat, both temperature, and taste. More specifically, avoid foods that are too hot or too spicy. Another strategy that Bybee speaks about is breaking down the food into separate items. For example, if you are trying to get your child to eat something with multiple ingredients, place them individually on the plate. If you were trying to get them to eat something like a steak salad, place the lettuce, the steak, and other ingredients separately. Next, feed them smaller portions. It is important to let them taste different things without getting overwhelmed by a large amount of a new substance in front of them. Remember, they can always have more. Finally, let them experiment and don’t force anything. They are developing and trying to understand what they like and don’t, forcing anything will just make things more frustrating for both of you.