TikTok does it again: Man goes viral for modeling Ex’s wedding dress to sell

Good Things Utah
  • On GTU today the hosts talked about Zion National Park just named International Dark Sky Park. This is ideal for stargazing! The International Dark-Sky Places Program was established in 2001 and there are roughly 130 certified IDSPs in the world. The program works to bring responsible lighting programs and education. So exciting!
  • From the skies to the oceans. Did you know there are now 5 oceans? National Geographic has now added the Southern Ocean to the world map. This body of water surrounding the Antarctic as the Southern Ocean, making it the fifth ocean alongside the Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific. The new ocean extends in a ring from Antarctica’s coastline to 60 degrees south latitude, according to National Geographic, and differentiates from other oceans in its designation by current, not by continent. Scientists have long recognized this body of water and due to the conservation efforts surrounding the Southern Ocean, it is now recognized by all.
  • Test your anxiety with one picture. What you see first in this personality test may reveal what gives you anxiety in relationships. Take the test to find out!
  1. What you saw first: The face

Fear of being expected to consider your partner’s needs above your own

2. What you saw first: The tree

Whether you’ll still have enough alone time to spend by yourself.

3. What you saw first: The moon

The fear of having your heart broken beyond all hope of repair

You wouldn’t do this would you? A groom goes viral on TikTok for checking his phone while the bride walks down the aisle. While there was criticism some TikTokers came to the groom’s defense, saying it was either nerves or checking his vows.

And the lengths one man went to selling his ex’s wedding dress. Morgan made contact with someone who wanted to buy the dress. After a few photos sent to the potential buyer, there was a request for someone to model the dress. Instead of combing through photos, recruiting a fashion model or dress form, Morgan offered to try on the dress to show how it fits. Oh, Dear! It wasn’t a great selling point. She, the buyer, did not say ‘Yes’ to the dress!

  • Barbie is playing at the beach and protecting it, too, with this latest doll launch from Mattel: “Barbie Loves the Ocean” collection. It includes three dolls made completely of recycled ocean-bound plastic parts, which would’ve otherwise ended up polluting the ocean. There is also a beach shack and other beach-ready accessories made from 90% recycled plastic. The line is the latest in Mattel’s goal to achieve 100 percent recycled, recyclable or bio-based plastic materials across all of its products and packaging by 2030.
  • Podiatrists are warning people about their shoes of choice this summer. Summer footwear can be especially brutal to your feet. Podiatrists say flip flops aren’t great because there’s not much support and it causes your foot muscles to over-grip while walking. Sandals and going barefoot aren’t much better. You may want to reach for the wedges.
  • Grandparents you might be missing out on major discounts!

Senior Discounts Often Forgotten

-Restart Social Security Benefits

-Go Solar and Pay $0 Electric Bill

-Car Insurance

-Eating Out

-Life Insurance

-Debt Payoff Plan


  • 7-11 is making Free Slurpee Day an all-month event for the entire month of July!! 7-Eleven’s 94th birthday celebration kicks off on July 1, when the store’s 7Rewards app members will receive one free small Slurpee drink coupon in their account.

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