TikTok cake flipping challenge

Good Things Utah

Today on GTU Hour 2, the hosts participated in the TikTok cake flipping challenge. If you haven’t seen the trending video, you should go check it out. The trend started when the Carney family shared one of their longest-running traditions on the internet. For over three years the family has been celebrating their birthdays with a cake toss where the family member must take the cake, toss it in the air and try to catch it.

Surae, Deena, and Nicea were up for the challenge! Thanks to Harmon’s Bakery, we had three perfectly delicious cakes donated for the toss. On the count of three, Nicea successfully completed a double spin with a catch at the end, while Deena was not as fortunate. Surae second-guessed herself but later flipped her cake ending with a perfect landing.

The video has had over 28 million views on TikTok in less than two weeks!

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