SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good Things Utah) – Laser skin resurfacing can be intimidating for some people, particularly the healing process and downtime. Sarah from Utah Facial Plastics visited Good Things Utah to share details about a revolutionary treatment that gives you the benefits of brighter, smoother skin with a less aggressive approach and minimal social downtime.. introducing Moxi and BBL skin resurfacing treatments.

Moxi is a non-ablative laser treatment that treats texture and tone, with minimal downtime and is a great option for maintaining good skin health. BBL is a light laser treatment that addresses discoloration in the skin and stimulates new skin cell regeneration.

Moxi was designed to treat individuals with earlier signs of skin aging or those who want to maintain and are able to get back to life quickly and still receive an effective treatment. Moxi can be done alone to focus on textural improvements, or can be done in combination with BBL for those who have more discoloration and need an extra boost to lift and break up that pigmentation in the skin.

With other aggressive laser treatments you often have 5-10 days of social downtime and cannot wear makeup for a minimum of 1 week. With Moxi you can wear makeup the next day, you might be slightly pink, rough, and swollen, but it is minimal. It’s best to avoid exercise and heat for a couple pf days. Sunscreen should be worn daily and sun exposure should be avoided or limited. When combined with BBL, pigmentation becomes darker for 1-2 weeks and then dissipates during that time for a clearer tone.

Moxi is just a great treatment for anyone who wants to improve tone and texture with minimal to almost no downtime. But if you are someone who has more advanced symptoms, like moderate to severe lines, crepey skin or moderate discoloration, you may want to look into treatments like Halo or Contour TRL for a more thorough treatment. Utah Facial Plastics Aesthetics has several laser resurfacing options and can customize a treatment fit for your wants and goals.

Special Offer: This month, you can save $250 on a series of 3 Moxi and BBL treatments plus you’ll receive a free Lyterra 2.0 pigment correcting serum to help maintain those results.

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