Tie-dye art made with a purpose to bring happiness

Good Things Utah

Lorrine Woodard of Chroma Tone Customs knew she needed to find alternative options to uplift her mood and began tie-dying; that’s when she realized this was her gift to share with others. She came by today to share her journey.

When Lorrine was diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety, her doctor suggested she begin medication. She intuitively didn’t feel that was the correct route for her. She does understand it is the right path for some women. She looked into alternative options to uplift her mood and outlook suggested by my daughter’s pediatrician. She began tie-dyeing! Lorrine found an artistic and creative outlet that affected her similarly to meditation.

With every technique she tried, she was lead to creating these intricate and healing tapestries for others. Lorrine genuinely believed that this was her gift to share with others.

Lorrine started creating these pieces to bring people happiness, joy, and soul healing. She has always been into learning about the meaning and significance of colors and numbers. Through that, she has connected with people and knew a little about them to then create something uniquely special just for them. She wanted to help people on their path to healing.

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