SALT LAKE CITY, Utah- (Good Things Utah) We’re taking it back old school with these iconic 90’s looks. The GTU hosts share their fashion finds from the 1990s, sharing a mix of their wardrobe back then and even a few modern reproductions and ’90s inspired pieces of today.

Deena shared her signature pieces including a white t under her spaghetti strapped dress, a classic look from the decade. The Doc Martins are a must with nearly any look. Her look was a mix of Contempo Casuals with an edgy twist. A shirt from her first concert, No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom Tour 1997, is always fun to wear with a festive jacket.

Surae opted for a ‘Clueless’ inspired look with plaid, knee highs and chunky loafer heels. The look is completed with a black beret, something very reminiscent of the mid ’90s. The other nostalgic pieces include tube tops, a black smock dress on top of a white long sleeve button up that she calls a “waitress/painter” look and a handkerchief top paired with an acid washed denim jacket. The perfect look to hit up the coffee shop! Looking straight out of the dELIA’s catalogue.

Nicea was no stranger to denim and showed her picks and pics of her style in the ’90s. Her denim top with denim shorts paired with white dad shoes are look we can’t get enough of. Other staples include a classic polo top with baggy denim and a bold belt. A hot pink blazer with shoulder pads is a classic that she wore when she first started reporting in the mid ’90s and still rocks today as a GTU host. She always rocked an iconic Banana Republic green sweater vest that she still wears today.

We’re living for these classic ’90s looks, many of which are being repeated today. This isn’t your JNCO and frosted tips phase. The timeless looks are even on the red carpet and runway this season. A classic NEVER goes out of style!