SALT LAKE CITY, UT – (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Summer is coming and it’s time to update your style with some old fashion. Right now, it is very on trend to thrift your clothes. Today we are joined by Michael Gonzalez and Lucy Peterson to talk about their upcoming off the rack flea market. There you can find all sorts of clothes and you can shop from tons of different vendors.  

Off the rack is the biggest flea market in the state of Utah. It was started in 2022, their mission is to cultivate a community for young entrepreneurs while mitigating fast fashion. They host flea market events once a month allowing you to shop, sell, and connect. It is a great opportunity for people looking to buy new clothes and meet people who have the same style or interest as them.

If you are a vendor with the rarest vintage finds or a student stopping by on your way to class, they are so glad for anyone to come and shop around or participate as a small business. For more information check out their social media